The Expertise

THE AGENCY has its own full-service design and production facility with a contemporary carpentry, welding and building shop. Our creative designers work closely with our builders to transform ideas into effective, tangible concepts. Making sure that the design and vision fulfils the events’ objectives.

THE AGENCY provides the latest audio visual solutions for any kind of event. Covering the clients’ specific needs and overall event goals. We are proud of our multi-screen and blending projections as well as our impressive mapping solutions. Offering multiple display options from Projection, LED or video walls with synchronized content using Stumpfl and Multimedia servers. Working with the latest technology and multiple types of interaction; from the simplest tactile screen to Kinect and Leap Motion solutions.

Experts in the installation and incorporation of audio visual services not only for live events but also for showrooms, AV installation, expositions, projector stand etc. Adapting the equipment to each client in a personalized way making adjustments to satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs guaranteeing the success of the event as a whole.  
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